Is the phrase Donut Ever Give Up copyrighted?

Hello! We get this question a lot, so you may be wondering if you can use our phrase "donut ever give up" or variations in your own products for sale. We are glad you love the quote, but use of this quote on any product for sale requires our written permission as the copyright owner. We strive to be original in our creations and we reserve intellectual property rights on this expression. The quote and product design were first published by BySamantha in July 2015, as part of a series of original puns. At that time, the expression was heavily researched to ensure it had never been recorded, uttered, published for sale, or in any way been a previously held idea.

In short, BySamantha currently claims copyright ownership of the quote as of July 24, 2015, and reserves all legal rights to the idea. However, you are welcome to use our quote in any way that falls under Fair Use and does not fall under the distribution of copyrighted material.

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